Benefits and Obligations

Membership Benefits

NBD Member Benefits

  • Being part of an independent civil society Network and brand representing Nile Cooperation issues in the Nile Basin and recognized as such by the public sector.
  • Having access to infrastructure and capacity building support for smaller organizations.
  • Having access to timely policy and news briefings on Nile Cooperation issues
  • Having access to information and advice;
  • Having access to free publicity on the Network’s website;
  • Publication in a Directory of member organizations and free publicity on the website
  • Having access to peer group support and the opportunity to raise issues and express views.
  • The opportunity to consult with public sector organizations and statutory service providers
  • The opportunity to influence their policies, procedures and decision making and the opportunity to work in partnership on commissioning and tendering

Full members through their individual representatives shall;

  • Have the right to vote and be voted for as an office bearer.
  • Have the right to attend and participate fully in the activities and meetings of NBD
  • Have the right to access information in the possession of NBD and the right to have their activities posted on the NBD website.
  • Have the right to participate in the election of officers of the NBD, and the right to use the NBD logo.
  • Have access to NBD programme funds, benefit from the capacity building programmes of NBD, and have the right to attend and participate in all activities of NBD.

Compliance Requirements

NBD Member Compliance Requirements
  • Members must agree to comply with the following requirements of membership;
  • Member organizations must be prepared to work within NBD’s constitution and to abide by its policies and procedures.
  • Member organizations must be prepared to comply with NBD’s 4 core values.
  • Member organizations must not have an intention to break any criminal or civil law or to commit any act that may bring the Network into disrepute.
  • Once accepted into the Network, member organizations must ensure that they;
  • Accept decisions of the NBD Board and the NBD General Assembly as binding.
  • Do not misrepresent the Network or bring the Network into disrepute.
  • Represent the views of their organization and/or their service users not their personal opinions (or declare the fact that they wish to express a personal point of view).
  • Only represent the Network’s opinion on issues once they have been agreed or determined.

Membership Obligations
All members shall be obliged to:

  • Fully abide by the provisions of the NBD constitution.
  • Identify and promote activities and potential areas of co-operation with the various stakeholders within the Nile Basin region.
  • Monitor the implementation of the activities of NBD.
  • Disseminate information about the activities of their organizations amongst the members of NBD, and endeavor to participate in the activities of NBD.

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