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Horn of Africa Climate Security Working Group (HoA-CSWG) Workshop - Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
From Wednesday 12 February 2020 -  08:00am
To Thursday 13 February 2020 - 05:00pm
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Climate crisis is changing the security landscape in the Horn of Africa. The risks that ensue include increased migration and displacement, heightened political tensions within and between countries of the region, as well as the risk of violent conflict, which is an additional push factor for migration and displacement. Consequently, climate-related security risks increase the challenges for conflict prevention and resolution in the Horn of Africa region. As such, it is no surprise that climate-related security risks are now prominently discussed at different multilateral organizations...Get the full programme

NBD in the person of the Regional Manager - Dr Hellen Natu, will be contributing to panel discussions in the 4th session of the workshop as detailed bellow:

4th Session: Identifying key messages to the international community in providing international supportive and complimentary responses to existing efforts to addressing climate security in the Horn of Africa

Input: Vane Aminga
Discussant: Betty Abebe, Eskedar Awgichew, Hellen Natu
Moderator: Stephanie Blenckner

Guiding Questions:
• What international mechanisms/initiatives can be strengthened for climate security?
• What role could different international organizations play in mitigating climate related risks?
• Who are the actors and institutions that could be involved for an effective mechanism to work?
• What should the international community do to address climate-related security risks in the Horn of Africa?
• What role can the UN Security Council play to prevent and help mitigate/resolve climate-related security risks in the Horn of Africa? What are other relevant international mechanisms?
• Which messages should be delivered to the UN Security Council on climate security?
Location Hilton Hotel, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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