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...that the aim of the forum was to update Communities about Rusumo H.E.P implementation process and increase communities’ participation and engagement so that they benefit from the project.This forum will also strengthen communication systems in the communities around the project area so that they are all aware of what is happening around. (Full presentation attached as an appendix)...Download the Report Publication dateTuesday, 03 April 2012Publication typeForum ReportsDownload the Report
The one day 4th national multi-stakeholder forum was held on 29 March, 2012 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The forum brought together about 130 high level decision makers, Parliamentarians, key government ministries, NBI/ENSAP project managers and coordinators, NDF members including LDFs, professional associations, academic and research institutions, CSOs/NGOs, donors, private sector representatives, regional and sub-regional initiatives, Donors, media professionals, women...Download the Report Publication dateThursday, 29 March 2012Publication...
"..based on the recommendations that came out from the Third National Discourse Forum, which was one of the most important recommendations of the event putting a strategic action plan dealing with the Egyptian – African relations which coincides with the new phase in Egypt's history and when the Egyptian people hold a revolution not to demand only better economic, social and political conditions, but also to return the..."Download the Full Report Publication dateThursday, 29 March 2012Publication typeForum ReportsDownload the Full Report
Report of the proceedings of the Fourth National Stakeholder Forum. Way back in 2010, a regional advocacy initiative by the Nile Basin Discourse and the NDFs in the NELSAP Region commenced, to increase community awareness about the NELSAP Power Program and the Regional Power Interconnection Projects, as well as creating awareness to the project implementers about the impact these projects on the local communities...Download the report Publication dateThursday, 22 March 2012Publication typeForum ReportsDownload the Report
The NBDF Rwanda’s 4th National Stakeholders Forum sought to build on previous stakeholder forums to advance its advocacy mandate; notably the sub-regional forum that identified ‘clean energy for sustainable development’ and the 3rd National Stakeholders’ Forum on deepening community participation and benefits in the Nile: community engagement in clean energy for trans-boundary development..Download the Report Publication dateFriday, 09 March 2012Publication typeForum ReportsDownload the Report

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