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Assessment Report On Support Building an Advocacy Campaign on Institutionalizing Community Participation and Livelihood Concerns in the Project Implementation Strategy of the Eastern Nile Project in Watershed Management Project - Ethiopia Publication dateThursday, 07 June 2012Publication typeResearch ReportsDownload the Report
The Regional Rusumo Falls Hydro-Power Project (RRFP) was originally developed as a multipurpose project but has now officially been endorsed as a single purpose project. It represents an opportunity for Tanzania, Rwanda & Burundi to access power for development, in a region characterized by pockets of extreme poverty, huge and acute national power deficits and high population density in Rwanda and Burundi.The Nile Basin Discourse engaged a team of national consultants to collect evidence to among others, strengthen the participation of...
The Nile Equatorial Lake countries prioritized the interconnection of their electrical networks to improve the rate of access of electrical power for the people of the member countries and to foster regional power trade implemented as the project for the interconnection of electricity grids of the Nile Equatorial countries. The project component being assessed here...Download the Report Download the associated Fact Sheet Publication dateWednesday, 30 November 2011Publication typeResearch ReportsDownload the ReportDownload the associated Fact...

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