Building Dialogue and Understanding Community Visions on Nile Governance
This report is an outcome of the work of the Nile Basin Discourse (NBD), in collaboration with the Environmental Law Centre of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), engaged with civil society in the Nile River Basin to foster cooperation. This project had two primary goals: build dialogue amongst the countries in the Nile Basin and gain a clear
understanding of their vision regarding the governance of the Nile River Basin. To this end, NBD and IUCN utilized information collection tools to discern the unique circumstance of each country and the common goals of all countries. These tools were desktop-based and web-based and were administered through personal interviews with citizens. The objective was to increase awareness of the benefits of Nile cooperation and provide a platform wherein community voices could be incorporated into Nile Basin cooperation programs and initiatives. The overall aim was to discern the vision of the Basin countries on Nile Cooperation issues in order to clearly communicate with decision makers during upcoming Nile Basin meetings regarding the concerns and wishes of the Nile Basin citizens. Further, by ascertaining the vision of the Basin, programming initiatives in the Nile River can be improved and tailored to the needs of specific areas in order to foster Nile Cooperation at the national level.

The report summarizes the main takeaways from the surveys, incorporates the results into a broader analysis, and attempts to frame the discussion within the context of the proposed Cooperative Framework Agreement and governance of the Nile River Basin.1 After presenting the results for each country, the report will also discuss the factors necessary to create an environment that is conducive to proper and adequate trans-boundary water governance.

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