Aldai Girls School students and guests after inaugurating the roof water harvesting programme
Lake Victoria Management Program in Kenya (LVEMP II Kenya) has undertaken Roof Water Harvesting in 20 Government institutions, the exercise of which could be described as completed and functional. This includes complete guttering of the roof surface area and installation of 10 thousand liters capacity plastic tanks in each of the 20 institutions. The Project has plans to add more institutions in the beneficiary list. Aldai Girls Secondary School located in Ibanja Sub location, Kaptumo North location, Nandi County is one of the institutions that have benefited from the programme.

According to Aldai Girls Principal, Madam Perez Siele, the School witnessed acute water shortages particularly during dry spell and students would waste a lot of learning time in search of water and would consequently miss valuable lessons
She added that the school’s locality experiences dry spells of 4 months annually between the months of December and April and the only source of water was the unprotected spring located approximately one kilometer away from the school compound. This spring served both the students and the local community which led to the uncontrolled interaction between the local community and the girl students, thus leading to cases of indiscipline and uncontrolled social behavior with inherent consequences.

The Principal narrated that, through LVEMP II  -  Kenya support, they have been able to construct 180m3 underground masonry tank, undertaken guttering of the School’s roofs for harvesting rain water, elevated two plastic water tanks of ten liters capacity each and installed a water pump; through LVEMP II  –  Kenya support worth Ksh 3.3 Millions. The run-offs from the roofs that used to be a problem with the School’s neighbors due to flooding contributing to soil erosion is no more now.
This is a story from Kenya National Discourse Forum (KNDF)’ Partner. For more information contact the NBD National Technical Support Expert in Kenya, Mr. Peres Wenje, through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it./This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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