Burundi NDF and partners delivered and coached beneficiaries on how to use Beekeeping materials/ Photo BNDF
The Burundi National Discourse Forum (BNDF)’s visibility continues to generate outcome due to its closeness and advocacy for the community and projects in the country. The national forum which is member of the Nile Basin Discourse recorded major achievements in favor of the community as said Mr. Edimond Dieudonné HAKIZIMANA, the National Board Chairperson.

Most activities include the project on the protection of the Natural Forest reserve of Bururi. The IUCN financed project saw Burundi NDF playing a key role in sensitization and mobilization of local communities on the reduction of tree consumption. The Bururi Natural Reserve forest is located in Bururi, in the northwest of the capital of the Bururi Province, a vast mountain overlooking the urban center of Bururi.
It is the most southern part of the Congo-Nile ridge forest system overlooking the City of Bururi. It is an area of 3,300 Hectares, including 2,300 hectares of natural forest and 1,000 hectares of artificial plantation.

Burundi NDF in partnership with Burundi Association for Nature “Association Burundaise pour la Nature” (ABN) and Association for the Protection of Natural Resources for the Welfare of the Population of Burundi (APRN / BEPB), initiated a project entitled  “Integrated Management of Bururi  natural Forest Reserve “. Through this project, Burundi NDF commissioned the study on the conservation of nature in general and the natural reserve of the Bururi forest in particular.
The objective of this study was to develop a document that could facilitate consistency interventions, harmonization of approaches, collaboration and coordination associations and / or partners to achieve a rationale and integrated management of the reserve.
Burundi NDF in collaboration with two member organizations namely ABN, APRN trained and sensitized communities in the use of alternative energies such as improved cooking stoves. The project started in 2014 and has been running to date.

BNDF in 2015 also conducted advocacy on exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbons in Lake Tanganyika. The study financed by Pole institute resulted in fruitful outcome and recommendations were made including the pre-research, evaluation and analysis of impact of that project to avoid trans-boundary conflict since the lake is shared by many countries.

Committing to conduct that advocacy, Burundi NDF wanted to ensure that the human environment composed of ecosystems offered by the Lake Tanganyika basin is protected. And that any danger for the current generation and future generations are separated by the involvement of everyone.
BNDF highlighted that these studies of Hydrocarbon take into account not only economic but also social and environmental aspects. Mr. Hakizimana said that the sensitization which involved government authorities at all levels and lake users such as the fishing community.
He affirmed that all success is due to their closeness to the community and working hand in hand with other stakeholders including the government most especially in advocating for the community. He said that despite their efforts they still need capacity development for both their members and themselves to advocate for their members at decision-making level as they have established good relationship with the government especially the Ministry of Water, Environment, of the Interior Territory and Urban Development.

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