Floods in Buterere Commune , Bujumbura late in April 2018/ Photo Red Cross Burundi
Assessment conducted by Burundi Red Cross Society, the Government of Burundi and other development partners indicate  that  12,956 people and 2,133 houses affected in 9 locations by  floods   May 2018.

Skills and knowledge of communities on disaster mitigation are very important measures to alleviate the similar consequences in the future.  

On 15th the May 2018, Burundi National Discourse Forum (BNDF) engaged members to reflect on their role in helping the community to cope up with the situation. 

The meeting reflected on the need to protect environment by avoiding unplanned housing.  On a visit to the field, participants observed that many houses destroyed by floods were build the space reserved for Lake Tanganyika buffer zone. 

BNDF recommends the urgent community awareness to reduce the loss caused by natural disasters in Burundi and apply preventive actions in the future.

Participants are committed to organizing awareness workshops for environmental education and climate change and a press conference to sensitize decision-makers for effective mobilization in the fight against natural disasters.

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