One of solutions against gender based violence and HIV/AIDS spread is job creation. In the Picture, a trainer from ACPDI which is member to DRC NDF, is training girls in hairdressing at KAHANGUKA training Centre, North Kivu
The DR Congo National Discourse Forum (DRCNDF) members and partners are on the course of fighting Gender based violence in the country.  The call for prevention was made on the 1st September 2017 during a one day meeting that attracted 210 participants whose most were Senior five and Senior six students and youth drawn from Butembo.

During the meeting, it was established that youth understandings and behavior towards HIV/AIDS is still low. In her note, the DRCNDF Chairperson Mrs. Kakule Thérèse Katungu called on youth to improve their sexual behavior and understandings on HIV and not let themselves be attracted by petty gifts from anyone such as UN security and peacekeeping forces. 

There were complaints of UN peacekeepers on the continent who were involved in sexual based violence. Hence Mrs. CHIMENE, the Program Officer of SOFEPADI informed that their initiative concerns young people who are already or will be duped and raped by MONUSCO agents in favor of little money.
During the meeting, the representative of MONUSCO revealed that MONUSCO received similar complaints against their soldiers. She advised young girls and mothers not to have love affairs with MONUSCO agents.

She explained that MONUSCO has a Disciplinary Council that examines complaints of violence filed against their agents throughout the DRC, and uses different approaches including the test of DNA to prove the authenticity of the complaints against the author of pregnancy. A legal suit from the country of origin is applied once the suspect is proved guilt.

It was said by local civil society organizations that the number of teen mothers is increasing and victims present poverty and insecurity as the main cause of early pregnancies.

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