Mr. Gakumba John, coordinator NDF Rwanda; at the World Bank’s Stakeholders Advisory Network Meeting - Bonn, Germany 2017
The National Discourse of Rwanda (NDF Rwanda) joined the Stakeholders Advisory Network Committee (SAN) established to engage non-state actors in climate finance at national regional and global levels.

The NDF Rwanda participated in World Bank’s Stakeholders Advisory Network, (SAN) meeting that focused on advancing engagement of non-state actors in climate finance at the national, regional and global levels. The workshop took place in May 13 – 14, 2017 - Bonn, Germany.

Mr. John Gakumba, the Coordinator, represented NDF Rwanda at the workshop. The Network was created with the mission of strengthening the partnership of non-state actors with climate finance institutions to advance the agenda of climate smart development through collaboration, research, advocacy, networking and partnerships.

Its establishment was first proposed by observers to the Climate Investment Funds (CIF) in October 2015, and officially launched in November 2016. It was a response to the 2014 Independent Evaluation of the Climate Investment Funds findings that there were opportunities to improve the engagement of observers and local stakeholders with the CIF Trust Funds.

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