Mr. Donald M. Kasongi, TNDF Chairperson says that over population near Lake Victoria is threatening resources including water and fish species / Photo NBD
Population pressure on water and resources management has become the interlocking issue on Lake Victoria. During the consultations carried out by Tanzania National Doscourse Forum (TNDF) with communities around Lake Victoria, it was evident that growth of population will cause depletion of natural resources, non communicable disease, and degradation of environment.

The consultations were conducted in 2016 by TNDF in partnership with Institute of Resource Assessment of University of Dar- es- Salaam in five districts of Biharamulo, Kagera, Nyamagana, Geita and Remera.
According to Mr. Donald Malambo Kasongi, the TNDF Board Chairperson, these challenges attracted their attention and instigated their intervention to address the challenge jointly with other stakeholders. In April 2016, TNDF engaged consultation meetings with different sectors including health sectors and discussed on family planning and other matters that are linked with the usage of Lake Victoria.

He advised that priority must be mainly to address community needs that are putting Lake Victoria’s water and other resources under stress. “There is need for joint and harmonized plans on resources management with different players like Private sector fully involved” he said.
Five focal persons were sent to five districts to collect information and conduct community awareness around Lake Victoria.  Community engagement on climate change was among major focus of the consultation. Mr. Kasongi said that different sectors that were involved included government institutions, communities, and private sector at District level.

TNDF Board Chairperson said that currently the community faces challenges such as trade and investments (mining), population growth and uncontrolled fishing activities.
Location in Mwanza Town, Headquarter of Tanzania National Discourse Forum
The headquarters of TNDF is located in Mwanza. This town presents a progressive population growth due to the business, investment and other commercial activities. As one of big town around Lake Victoria shores, Mwanza is not an exception.

Being the most important port on Lake Victoria, and home to the terminal of a branch of the central railway line from Dar es Salaam, Mwanza is very important transit point for business, people and travellers from Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and the other towns of Bukoba, Musoma and Shinyanga.
The majority of Mwanza inhabitants are self-employed and most of them are employed people working in the service sector, while self-employed are involved in petty trade, cultivating land, micro-fishing activities, and so forth.

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