NBD Board Chair (Right) hands over the award to Mr. Hakizimana, the first runner-up in the Radio category
The Nile Basin Discourse (NBD) joined other partners, namely the Nile Basin Initiative (NBI), Global Water Partnership Eastern Africa (GWP-East Africa), Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) and Deustche Welle in awarding outstanding journalists on Nile issues. The event took place on 4th June 2015 in Dodoma - Tanzania.

The NBD awarded the first runner-up for radio Category to Mr. Claver HAKIZIMANA an experienced journalist at Radio NDERA AGAKURA – Burundi. His journalism area of inclination is focused environmental issues.

Addressing participants, the NBD Board Chair, Mr. HABIYAREMYE Jean Baptiste said that NBD supports and values the recognition of media practitioners and other communication frameworks in the riparian states that highlight issues of the Nile. He thanked organizers and partners for their initiative and called upon all stakeholders, partners, governments and communities in the Nile region to put Nile resources management as top on their agendas.

"We must reflect on communication as the heart of development and that development cannot be attained if there is no collaboration and multilateral communication on relevant issues in the region" Mr. HABIYAREMENYE Jean Baptiste - NBD Board Chair

The nomination focused on radio and print categories, with the outstanding journalists being: Ms. Secilia Ndabigeze (Tanzania) for 1st Prize -Radio category, Mr. Gerald Tenywa (Uganda) for 1st Prize - Print category, Mr. Hakizimana Claver (Burundi) for 1st Runner-up Radio category and Ms. Mona Selawin (Egypt) for 1st Runner-up Print category.

The NBI organized the Nile Media Awards, 2015 with support from partners namely: the Government of the Republic of Tanzania, the NBD, the GWP-East Africa, the GIZ, and the Deustche Welle. The ceremony benefitted from the presence of the Nile Council of Ministers, the NBD Board Member – Kenya, who had been part of the jury, and the NBD Regional Manager.

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