Thomas Betzold now at the NBD Secretariat in Entebbe - Uganda. Thomas is undertaking studies in Hydrology and Water Management in the Department of Geography at Humboldt-University in Berlin, Germany
The Nile Basin Discourse is promoting the young and creative mind, Student – Innovative – Idea exchange initiative with higher learning institutions of the Nile Basin and those outside the Nile Basin. The basic drive is for NBD to gain and tap-in from partnering institutions’ cost-shared contribution of young innovative ideas, experiences and cost-effective human capital. The partner institutions benefit from young minds’ sharing of experiences and lessons learned, outside the incubator. The partnership has the possibility of contributing to increase in innovations to benefit communities in the Nile Basin and beyond. Based on the mutual benefits the NBD therefore, has set-up an innovative ideas corner desk at the Secretariat in Entebbe - Uganda.

As a follow-up, and starting this 4th quarter of 2016, the NBD and the Geographic Department of the Humboldt-University in Berlin, Germany, have put in place the possibility of implementing the student-innovative-idea exchange and the sharing of experiences. The first student has already reported and is occupying the desk at the NBD Secretariat. On the desk is Thomas Betzold who has been trained in hydrology and resource management. He is to occupy the corner from October till December 2016. In the three months of the initiative, and in addition to the desk occupied, NBD provides mentorship in community engagement, the case of civil society organizations in the Nile Basin Riparian States.

His innovative ideas are to emerge from the university, and the fact that he has participated in study projects concerning the management of the Spree Catchment, a river in eastern Germany and the quantitative estimation of small rivers in Thuringia, Germany. In general, Thomas has interest in international rivers. In addition, his area of inclination is the participatory, inclusivity, and the horizontal and vertical evidence-based advocacy approach to resource distribution, as fronted by the Nile Basin Discourse.

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