Participants at the Launch of the Fodder and Range Platform, Entebbe, Uganda July 2016. Courtesy IGAD – ICPALD
The Nile Basin Discourse (NBD) participated in the launch of the Fodder and Range Platform organized by IGAD’s Center for Pastoral Areas and Livestock for Development (ICPALD), in collaboration with partners including the NBD, on July 11 – 12 2016 in Entebbe, Uganda.

NBD’s presentation highlighted elements of efficient use of both green and blue water, citing past studies on the water footprint of beef animals in rangelands and on fodder feeds respectively. Again, NBD put its finger on the importance of discourse on trans-boundary water resource sharing and use that minimizes vulnerability, especially along the corridors of livestock “on hooves” in the three selected countries, namely Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda.

The launched Range and Fodder Platform, is to facilitate production and conservation of fodder that is to be accessed by all small holder livestock keepers at affordable costs to mitigate vulnerabilities of pastoralists in the three countries and beyond.

According to IGAD-ICPALD, the world's Arid and Semi-Arid Lands (ASALs) are dominated by pastoralism that is an extensive mobile rearing of livestock on communal rangelands that are dominant in the IGAD region. It is a major livelihood and production system practiced in ASALs and employs a high percentage of the population, with estimates indicating that there are about 120 million pastoralists/agro-pastoralists worldwide, of which 50 million are found in Sub-Saharan Africa.

NBD’s effort was to bring to the fore for discourse, through its CSOs network in the three countries, the elements of trans-boundary water resources efficient use and governance towards enhancing the livelihood of vulnerable communities in the ASAL region of the three selected IGAD member states that overlap into the Nile basin.

Dr. Hellen Natu
Regional Manager, NBD

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